ZAGARA Home was founded by Catherine LaMarca, an interior designer whose Italian heritage and love of design inspired the ZAGARA Home Collections. Catherine’s creations are borne out of her appreciation for fine textiles and heirloom linens reminiscent of those hand-embroidered by her Mother and Nonna.

The memories of pure white Italian linen towels embroidered with elegant detail and the sweet smell of Sicilian citrus were Catherine’s motivation for the creation of ZAGARA Home’s Signature Collection. Her intention was to introduce old world charm to a new generation and revive memories of long ago.

All the products in the ZAGARA Home collection reflect Catherine’s passion for quality and craftsmanship. Her love of design is the foundation for the unmistakable style of the ZAGARA Home collections.


It is our mission to revive into today’s modern life the same sensation that filled the homes of long ago. It is with great passion that we bring to you timeless luxurious collections to dress your home and your life through embracing the pursuit of excellence rather then disposability by employing only the finest products and fibers together with the most skilled artisans.

Time honed craftsmanship and sensuous textures to dress your home and your life is the essence of Zagara Home!